As this version is on Solana Devnet currently, you’ll need Devnet faucets to test the product. You need to top up the Devnet balance of your Solana wallet (eg. Sollet Wallet, Solong, etc.) before testing.

1. Switch Your Wallet to Devnet

Taking Sollet Wallet as example, you need to switch the network from Mainnet (Serum Net) to Devnet from here.

b. Get SOL Faucets

Firstly you need to know the SOL deposit address on your wallet. Just click the ‘Receive’ button and then you can see your deposit address. Copy it for SOL faucets collection. (Please note that the deposit addresses of different tokens on your same wallet might be different, which is different from an ERC20 wallet.)

When you’ve got the address, you can request some Devnet SOL faucets from here:

Each address can get 10SOL faucets from this site.

The Sollet wallet also allows users to request SOL airdrop (Devnet), but only 1SOL at a time.

3. Token Info

On our Devnet beta version, only a few tokens are added to run the testing. Apart from SOL, there are also HYSD and USDD.

- HYSD (Hydra Devnet Token)

Token Address: HdJ8pzRMFquse6MAdLTm2JHum51WFkocZX8YzXpPjNpG

This is the Devnet faucet of HYS (HydraSwap Token) that we issued for testing.

- USDD (USD Devnet)

Token Address: D11M7swUBM2wJWnUeTU9KCEv317gn8s1C8V7SJzXbfmm

This is the Devnet faucet we issued for testing with an aim to simulate stablecoins like USDC, USDT, etc.

You can use the above addresses to add these tokens to your wallet. Before adding new tokens, please make sure your wallet has SOL faucets, otherwise new tokens can’t be added.

To get HYSD and USDD for testing, please submit your wallet address via the following form. Our developers will airdrop you the tokens in 24h.

Note: You must have SOL in your wallet and have added HYSD and USDD token addresses into your wallet account to receive airdrop, otherwise the airdrop can't be successful.

After you get them all, including SOL, HYSD, USDD, you’ll be ready to test the functions on our Beta version based on your previous product experience.