About HydraSwap

What is HydraSwap?

HydraSwap is a Cross-chain DEX based on Solana Network, HydraSwap is dedicated to providing users with CEX-level trading experience, supported by game changing HMM core and powerful multi-module components.

What is this project about?

This project is about fair and fast trading and accessibility to all of DeFi from one blockchain. HydraSwap is a cross chain DEX on Solana. Our vision is to become a mega app that provides a one stop solution for liquidity providers and traders for managing and trading assets cross-chain. Our edge will be creating a seamless cross-chain infrastructure, a game changing market making algorithm and a slick & intuitive user interface that is going to greatly enhance the experience of traders & LPs alike and exceed that of CEXs. We will be building our base DEX on Solana. With a TPS north of 50k and gas costs under 1c, we strongly believe that Solana is best placed for supporting a high frequency trading ecosystem. With HydraSwap we will bridge the fragmented liquidity on DeFi and coupled with Solana’s throughput we will enable DeFi to scale further unthrottled.

Who are the investors of HydraSwap?

HydraSwap started off with its own money. All core members put skin in the game. Strategic round investors include commitments from big names such as Momentum 6, Kyros Ventures, Definitive Capital, and several more. Please join us on our official channels so you will be the first to know our investor announcements.

When is your official launch?

Our DEX is in its beta version at the moment. You can check out our beta version here. Our team is working hard to build more advanced functions for our v1.0 official mainnet launch, please join us on our official channels so you will be the first to know our upcoming product updates.

Is HydraSwap secure?

We will be doing a thorough audit and publish results publicly before our official launch. We take security very seriously at HydraSwap. Security is our absolute priority. We will also be auditing our contracts before each and every release to make sure the security of funds for both traders and liquidity providers. We will also be auditing our contracts before each and every release to make sure the security of funds for both traders and liquidity providers.

Do you have a MVP which is publicly accessible?

Yes, just as mentioned above, the current beta version is our MVP. You can access it through this link.

What is the utility of HydraSwap?

On HydraSwap DEX you will be able to execute lightning fast trades for less than 1¢. As well as access to staking and liquidity pools on Solana as well as other blockchains through our cross-chain protocol.

Who makes up the team behind HydraSwap?

We launched the project with an initial team of 25. In regards to the core team: The CEO traded 5B portfolio at JPM, CMO founded and sold 2 startups, CPO launched his own token, CTO founded a CEX.

What are the competitive advantages of HydraSwap?

Superior Performance: The average 50,000 TPS throughput and less than 0.5s processing speed powered by Solana allow us to deliver a CEX-level user experience.

Strong HMM Market Making Mechanism: High asset utilization rate, low price slippage, dynamic, and multiple market-making strategies. This ensures that a LP retains all rights.

Cross-chain Solution: This allows us to trade, deposit, and withdraw assets between different public chains with no boundaries. The cross-chain interactions are empowered with HydraSwap’s superior performance.

Low Gas Cost: Almost 0 gas cost allows us to make complex interactions with smart contracts, such as the commission calculation for referral programs. This is impossible for those high-cost DEXs.

Any repo codes or GitHub codes?

Here is our GitHub: https://hydraswap.gitbook.io/hydraswap/

Currently, we have only uploaded a partial of our coding works. More works will be open sourced after our V1.0 official launch.

Apart from that, for technical discussion, you can also find us via our Discord: https://discord.gg/AA26dw6Hpm

Why choose Solana as Mainnet?

Because among the existing public blockchains, Solana dramatically outperforms the rest in terms of network throughput. Per research conducted in 2020, the maximum theoretical TPS value of Asynchronous Byzantine Protocol is only 20k (Dumbo: Faster Asynchronous BFT Protocols). Meanwhile, Solana achieved up to 65k TPS in a practical experiment, which is a market leading figure. Such high throughput is necessary for the realization of our vision of enabling DeFi to become the financial ecosystem of the future. As such, we chose Solana as our mainnet.

Who should I contact for partnerships and business proposals?

Please contact us via e-mail or fill out the proposal form here.

How can I get in touch if I have any questions?

Please reach out to us via e-mail, Discord, or Telegram.

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