Getting $SOL

Before you interact with HydraSwap, please make sure you have $SOL in your wallet for gas fees required for completing transactions on the Solana blockchain. Gas fee is cheap as compared with other blockchains (average gas cost per transaction is about $0.00025), so a small amount of $SOL can get you started.
Option 1: Getting your $SOL from a centralized exchange
$SOL is traded on several exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and FTX. After obtaining your $SOL, you can then send your $SOL to a wallet that is compatible with HydraSwap.
Option 2: Convert $ETH to $SOL using Sollet and Metamask
By using a Sollet Wallet, you can also convert from $ETH to $SOL by connecting your MetaMask wallet, please follow the steps below:
1) Create both Sollet and MetaMask wallets
2) On Sollet, click on “Receive” under $SOL
3) Select “ETH” and click “Connect to MetaMask
4) Enter the amount of $ETH that you would like to convert to $SOL, and click “Convert
5) Wait for your transaction to be confirmed and start trading!