HydraSwap Gitbook
How to Swap
Swapping tokens on HydraSwap is easy, fast and cheap. You can easily get started by following the steps below:
1) Head to the "Swap" page. Select the tokens that you would like to swap from and swap to by using the drop-down menu. In the example, we are swapping from HYSD to SOL (testnet tokens for demonstration).
2) Enter the amount that you would like to swap.
3) Set your slippage tolerance for this trade. In this example, we will use 1% slippage tolerance, which is also the default setting on HydraSwap.
4) Once everything is set, click "Swap".
5) Click "Approve" on your wallet
6) Once approved, the transaction should be confirmed shortly. You can see the confirmation on the bottom-left corner.
7) Check out the latest balance in your wallet!
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