Token Issuance

$HYS is HydraSwap’s governance token. Its total supply is 100,000,000. $HYS is an SPL token issued on Solana. Through our cross-chain bridge, it can be swapped for BSC, HECO, or ETH-based assets (or other public chain assets), and can be circulated within the financial ecosystem of different public chains. The token distribution plan of $HYS is indicated below:
A. Liquidity Mining --- 45%
Used for early stage liquidity mining incentives. Vested in 48 months.
B. Early Investors --- 11%
Seed round and strategic round funding. Vested in 12-months.
C. IDO --- 0.5%
Initial Dex Offering. No lockup.
D. Treasury, CEX, AMM Liquidity --- 5.5%
For CEX and AMM liquidity adding and the treasury prepared for market campaigns or extreme market situations.
E. Ecosystem Fund --- 12%
Used for sustainable community incentives and ecosystem development, including incentives to community partners, cross-chain bridge notaries and other ecosystem cooperative partners. Vested in 48 months.
F. Teams --- 18%
Used for incentives to founding team, including community operators and smart contract developers. Vested in 48 months.
G. Advisory --- 8%
Incentives to those early and core advisors that assist HydraSwap’s development and growth in different aspects. Vested in 24 months.