About $HYS Token

What is the name of your token?

HydraSwap’s token is named $HYS.

What kind of sale will it be?

This is to be announced, please join us on our official channels and stay tuned for more details to follow.

When is the token sale?

The token sale will be announced soon. Stay tuned for the official date and there will be a few ways to get access to tokens at launch.

Which exchange is the project going to be listed on?

We are unable to announce any news on the exchange listing right now, but do stay tuned for some good news.

Did you have a private sale?

10.5% of tokens were allocated to the private sale. For supporters of the early development of the project. All subject to 12 months of vesting.

Did you have a presale? What is the vesting schedule like?

The presale was completely funded internally by the core team members. 1% of tokens were allocated on the presale, with a 12 months of vesting.

What is the max supply of $HYS?

Total supply of $HYS is 100,000,000

What is the purpose of the $HYS token?

$HYS serves as HydraSwap's governance token and utility token.

What are my benefits as a $HYS token holder?

With $HYS, it allows users to conduct crucial activities such as staking, liquidity mining and profit sharing via token buyback. Additionally, a user would be granted the following rights:

  • Proposal and voting rights

  • IDO and crowdfunding quota on HydraSwap

  • Transaction fee discount

  • Transaction fee dividends

  • Governance rights

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