About Other Functionalities

Can you tell us how does an IHO work? Moreover, what are the advantages of an IHO?

IHO is Initial Hydra Offering , in comparison with IDO&IEO, IHO will offer both users and project teams a more flexible investment solution. With Crowd Funding + Liquidity Pool Setup we can mitigate risks for investors and to eliminate offerings from fraudulent projects. Find out more in our Whitepaper.

What is Smart Aggregated?

Smart Aggregated is built on the Solana network, HydraSwap boasts a self-developed relay blockchain solution. This not only offers a superior TPS performance but also allows HydraSwap to be compatible with mainstream public chain assets, realizing the mutual trading between every pair of assets in the market. Smart Trade can intelligently help detect the best way to route orders from liquidity sources, that can provide traders with aggregated trading to mitigate the possible risks of price slippage caused due to low liquidity. Based on this module, a major hurdle in DeFi arbitrage trading could be overcome, which is - how to find new opportunities for long-tail price spread arbitrage.

What are the other features that will be added to HydraSwap?

Other than some of the features mentioned, such as IHO, HMM, HydraSwap incorporates other advanced functionalities that are under development. That includes advanced orders, DeFi arbitrage trading module, on-blockchain referral programme, margin trading and perpetual swap. For detailed description of each of the functionalities, please refer to our Whitepaper.